Vicente Vallés goes straight to the ‘trending topic’ for three words he spoke three years ago

Vicente Vallés has become, for better and for worse, one of the most popular journalists on Twitter and the proof of this is that he reaches the trending topic almost daily. He raises as many hatreds as passions and, when he does not say something on Antena 3 Noticias, users are responsible for recovering his old words.

This is what has happened in the last hours, when the journalist has become a trend for a video that the social network is pretending to be current even though it is almost three years old.

That moment that is now viral was broadcast on July 3, 2018, a month after the arrival of Pedro Sánchez to the Government. In addition, in the video that circulates on the networks, the very beginning has been cut, in which Vallés assured: “The Spanish economy is growing at a good pace and creates employment even if it is not of the best possible quality.”

Later, the journalist clarified that there were other economic data that were not going so well and spoke specifically of public debt. Just then, the presenter got up to present viewers with “a figure that is a bit scary.”

On the set, across the width, you could see the figures of the public debt of that moment. “It is an almost illegible figure, and the worst thing is that it is a very difficult amount of money to assume,” said Vallés, who stressed that “we owe practically everything we produce in a year as a country.”

The journalist warned that every second that passed we owed 1,100 euros more, or what is the same, almost 30,000 euros for each Spanish citizen. Just then he was pronouncing the three words that have now made him a trending topic: “So get your pockets ready.”

The video has now provoked reactions like these, from many users who think it is current:


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