Vicente Luque forgets Nate Diaz and goes for Colby Covington

After announcing that Nate Diaz will face Leon Edwards, Vicente Luque now turns his attention to the controversial Colby Covington.

At UFC 260, Vicente Luque struck the table by claiming the biggest victory of his career thus far. In the first round of the match, Luque defeated former welterweight champion Tyron Woodley by submission. Luque’s performance was solid, and the fighter himself stated that he wants to maintain momentum by challenging a fighter ranked above him.

In a recent interview, Luque spoke about his near future.

“I’m preparing for a top 5, I’m ranked 6. I don’t see myself fighting someone below me, like I did with my past two fights. So I want someone in the top 5. It’s a great win for me, and I’m looking for that top 5. “

Although Luque originally challenged Nate Díaz, a few days later, Díaz was scheduled to face Leon Edwards. With that, the Brazilian has turned his attention to Colby Covington. He is the only fighter in the top five who is not scheduled at this time. However, Colby has been waiting for a title shot, so it is unknown if he would fight Luque.

“Colby is someone I want to fight with. It’s the fight I need. He’s a tough guy, a great fighter, he can go five rounds very hard and strong. That’s the kind of fight I want right now, since he’s the only fighter available in the top five. But, I have a kid on the way, so I’m not looking to fight right now. I am thinking of returning in August and by then the division will be clearer, as Usman-Masvidal, Diaz-Edwards, Thompson-Burns would have passed. “

If the Covington fight doesn’t happen next, Vicente Luque knows he’s in a good place. As he says, he does not plan to return until the end of the summer due to the birth of his son. When he returns, he knows that the top of the division will be much clearer. Regardless of the opponent, all Luque wants is someone ranked in the top five next time.