Vicente Genovés signs for the return of ‘L’Alqueria Blanca’ in À Punt

The most successful fiction on the defunct Channel 9 will return in spring 2021 with new episodes. As FormulaTV exclusively advanced, Trivision prepares the twelfth season of ‘L’Alqueria Blanca’ for À Punt, the new Valencian autonomous region. Through 18 new chapters, the series will pick up the story where it left off, without giving special importance to the almost eight-year hiatus.

The actor and director Vicente Genovés

The return of mythical Valencian fiction, which currently is recorded in Buñol (Valencia), will have practically all its main cast, although the faithful of ‘L’Alqueria Blanca’ will miss some of the original characters. Beyond recovering the classic cast, the season will feature additions that bring fresh air to the plots, such as José Sospedra (‘Under suspicion’) and the cameo of Máximo Huerta. But they will not be the only signings.

As FormulaTV has learned exclusively, Vicente Genovés will participate in the twelfth season of the series to bring to life a key character in a grand trial to be held in the new installments. This Valencian actor and director has extensive experience in cinema, television and theater. On the small screen, he has participated in series such as ‘Entre naranjos’, ‘La ley y la vida’, ‘Hospital Central’, ‘Tell me how it happened’ or, recently, ‘Anti-riot’, the praised fiction directed by Rodrigo Sorogoyen for Movistar +.

Warming up engines in À Punt

In the absence of a few months for the premiere of season 12 of ‘L’Alqueria Blanca’, Valencian regional television warms up with the reruns of the previous chapters. From January 11 until the arrival of the new episodes, À Punt broadcasts from Monday to Friday, at 11:30 a.m., the last seasons of Trivisión fiction. In this way, viewers can remember where the plots were before meeting the characters and their stories.