Vicente Fernandez. Merle Uribe defends him from accusations of abuse

Some days ago Lupita castro revealed that she had suffered sexual abuse by Vicente Fernández when she was a minor. Following these statements, many people have shown their support the victim, while others defend the singer and They do not believe that he was capable of raping a woman, one of them is the actress Merle Uribe.

In an interview for Sale el Sol, Merle Uribe came out in defense of Charro de Huentitán, who a few weeks ago was also accused of harassment against several women after touching their breasts when taking photos with him.

The actress made known her opinion of the rape accusations against Vicente Fernández and He assured that he does not believe the statements made by Lupita Castro.

« I do not believe you. I spent two and a half years working with him (Vicente Fernández) and if you saw such beautiful women approaching him, they would harass him. They kissed him even on the mouth, they cuddled him, Vicente didn’t need to rape anyone ”, he declared.

Merle Uribe stressed that Vicente Fernández did not have the need to sexually abuse a woman.

“He was an idol and besides he sang beautifully, in those years he was very handsome, then they threw themselves at him. I saw it as they threw themselves at him and I don’t think that a person to whom everything is given has the need to rape a woman when he could have had many, ”said Merle Uribe.

Merle Uribe clarified that if They came to present evidence that the singer abused Lupita Castro would not defend the singer.

“If he had done it, if there was evidence, I wouldn’t defend him because that shouldn’t be done, but I don’t think so because he had everyone he wanted. I asked her for a job and then she took a moment here and there, maybe it was like that with her too, that is not a violation, that is consensual ”.

Merle Uribe was blunt and commented that she does not believe in the statements of Lupita Castro and even mentioned that he must have accused the singer of alleged rape at the time and don’t wait many years.

« I don’t think it was like a rape, maybe he asked her for a job and they got into a relationship, but not through rape. Also, why wait 40 years to say it? At the time I would have said it, but in any case, even if I had said it, I don’t think so ”, he concluded.