Vicente Fernández Jr. breaks the silence about his alleged rehabilitation and controversial disappearance

After months of absence from social media and In the midst of a great controversy about an alleged rehabilitation, Vicente Fernández Jr. has reappeared through a statement made on video to deny the rumors that he was hospitalized for gambling addiction problems.

After learning that TVNotas magazine would address this issue and even give details of his possible addiction problem, the singer did not hesitate to pronounce himself to disqualify the version of this famous Mexican publication and hinted that will initiate actions by legal means.

“I am very well, what has been said about me and my person are pure speculation, lies and falsehoods”, the singer reiterated in the recording.

“Especially what TVNotas magazine says, I have already contacted the lawyer Guillermo Pous and they will have news soon “added.

The clip of just a few seconds concludes with a thank you to his followers and fans for being aware of him: “I send fraternal greetings to all my followers, and to those who were aware of your server”, and reiterates that very soon he will talk about the reasons that they forced him to disappear from public life for a few months, but he asks that they be patient because he is talking to his lawyers to explain everything.

It turns out that this entertainment outlet assured that Doña Cuquita Fernández, the singer’s mother, He would have been the one who decided to annex his son after realizing that he was into vices such as alcohol and drugs.

In addition to a presumed detox, Fernández Jr. would also have wasted all his money and part of his parents’ fortune just to fulfill the whims of his girlfriend, Mariana González, according to the exclusive published by the magazine.

A reason for these comments is why the singer is willing to go all out against those who turn out to be responsible for slandering him.

For weeks the disappearance of Alejandro Fernández’s brother was evident, but in the absence of explanations from his close family, various versions of his situation began to circulate: thus it was said that he was admitted to a rehabilitation clinic and that he fled from the country so as not to cover the debts it has for some land.

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