Vicente Fernández, in trouble for inappropriate touching of a fan – Las Noticias de Chihuahua – Entrelíneas

A few seconds of video is enough to make you go viral. And that is known by Vicente Fernández, a Mexican artist whose image has spread massively after the appearance of a video in which he makes inappropriate touching of a young woman, when his family takes a picture with him.

‘It does not matter that he is an old man, abuse is abuse,’ says a netizen on Twitter you’ve seen the nasty video in which Vicente Fernandez he inappropriately touches one of his fans.

And she’s right, it doesn’t matter if she’s a celebrity, a politician, or a popular idol, all women deserve respect, but that’s something that many people seem to continue to ignore.

Just like Vicente Fernandez Who at 80 years old and in full judgment of his mental faculties took advantage of one of his fans, after she approached him to ask for a photo.

However, what the singer did not have, is that the photo would actually be a video by accident.

The images have spread throughout all social networks, causing some other misplaced male to justify the behavior of “Don Chente” and question the young woman, who according to various media has said is a minor:

‘She lets me put a hand on her, as they are famous they are honored to be grabbed, but they were a mere mortal because they want them to death and accuse them of wanting to rape them,’ snapped a cretin in TikTok, where the video was also uploaded.

But fortunately, the vast majority disapproved of Fernández’s behavior and even encouraged the girl’s mother to report the singer:

‘You filthy old man! The mother of the girls should denounce him ‘,’ Such disgusting people ‘,’ The very unfortunate man feels he has the right to do what he wants just because he is famous ‘,’ At that age men are very roguish and you have to put a up to here ‘,’ Crafty old man if he knew, where he put his hand, ‘Horrible old man’, ‘Old pig’, some people wrote criticizing the ranchera music interpreter.

Source: Excelsior