When it comes to her private life, Vianney knows how to be discreet. In a relationship with his partner Catherine Robert since 2016, the singer does not appear very much with her and rarely evokes his family life. “I am very modest and I want to protect our life. Ditto for my family, I have never shown photos of my parents or my brothers because we are normal people, we want to stay that way, we are not looking for the light at all ”, he also explained. in the Gala columns in 2018. Vianney and his beautiful cellist have been seen on several occasions in the stands of Roland Garros or the Parc des Princes. Lately, it was at the Rolex Paris Masters that lovers were seen exchanging tender kisses. But this time, it is not about his companion that the singer agreed to confide, but the daughter of this one.

“It is by dint of love and hope that it works”

On the occasion of the release of his new album N’attendons, scheduled for October 30, 2020, Vianney was invited to the set of C à vous. On Wednesday September 16, the 29-year-old artist performed some of his next titles in front of Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine and her chroniclers. The viewers of France 5 were therefore able to discover a very moving song, called Beau-papa, dedicated to the daughter of Catherine Robert. “I hadn’t planned to adopt my child one day, I had to adapt above all. It’s not just the genes that make families, humans who love each other are enough ”, sings Vianney, before making a few confidences about his family life. “I discovered that you could develop a lot of love – more than I imagined, I admit – for a child who was not yours”, Says the musician. “Frankly, to have a child that you start to love when you haven’t fathered it… I assure you that when you make songs, you have to talk about it”, he then continues.

Today her daughter-in-law is nine and a half years old. And she couldn’t have been happier discovering the song! “She was proud. When we had guests at home, she would say, ‘Can you play it, can you play it?’ So when it came out, she was very proud ”, laughs Vianney. Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine, delighted, believes that this story could bring “balm to the heart” to many in-laws whose experience has not been so pleasant. Learning to live together, managing the holiday season, organizing the inheritance … it’s hard to find the right balance in a blended family. But it seems that Vianney has found the miracle solution to fix everything: love! “The song is really not to say it’s easy. The simplest is two parents who love each other and period. As soon as there are in-laws, it’s a plan B, but it can work really well. It’s just that it takes a lot of love. Of course it was not always easy, but it is by dint of love and hope that it works ”, finally concludes the singer, with a touching smile on the corner of his lips.

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