On Friday May 8th, ‘Los abrazos prohibidos’ is published, a song composed and produced by Old Morla for which they have gathered a large group of authors and interpreters who have participated in solidarity.

The song was born as a sincere tribute to public health workers, for their “respect and dignity”, not only in this crisis but 365 days a year.

All the economic benefits that it generates, both publishing and record, will be donated in perpetuity to the Higher Council for Scientific Research (CSIC), to contribute to research on the coronavirus.

‘The Forbidden Hugs’ has been recorded by the band itself during the weeks of confinement with the collaboration of a large group of artists who have wanted to add their voices to the project in solidarity: Alice Wonder, Andrés Suárez, Carlotta Cosials (Hinds), Christina Rosenvinge, Dani Martín, Depedro, Eva Amaral (Amaral), Ismael Serrano, Iván Ferreiro, Joaquín Sabina, Kase.O, Leiva, Luz Casal, Maika Makovski, Marwan, Nacho Vegas, Nina de Juan (Morgan), Fag (Old Morla), Rozalén, Santi Balmes (Love Of Lesbian) and Xoel López.

The song mix bears the signature of Carlos Raya, who has also joined the charitable cause.

The origin of this song starts from “El vals de los salvavidas”, a collective poem in support of Public Health initiated by Benjamín Prado and Elvira Sastre and that it had the verses of Andrea Valbuena, Andrés Suárez, Guille Galván, Irene G., Jorge Drexler, Leiva, Loreto Sesma, Marwan, Raquel Lanseros and Rozalén.

The adaptation of the poem to the definitive text of the song has been carried out by Benjamín Prado and Guille Galván.

‘The Forbidden Hugs’ will be published alongside a video, directed by Lek & Chap, starring real sanitarians, representing many others who have inspired this project, created by and for them.