A new season begins and the German driver Sebastian Vettel is ready to face a new challenge, leaving behind a bleak 2019. He already has his sights set on Melbourne and the circuit highlights the undulations, which always mark a technical challenge.

Here are his statements in the previous report of the Scuderia Ferrari:

Sebastian Vettel – Car # 5
Australian GP 2019 Results: Starting grid: 3rd – Race: 4th

“Melbourne is said and three things occur to me: sun, a bustling atmosphere and undulations. Sun, because the weather is usually pleasant when we run there. The bustling atmosphere because this city is full of life, so it is a pleasure to start the season here and the ripples because every year we know the Albert Park is going to be bumpy.

In fact, that feature makes this track a real technical challenge and that’s probably why we riders like it so much. The first race of the season is always special and I think it will allow us to have a better idea than what we had in the tests of what is the hierarchy between the teams. ”