Vettel surrenders to Hamilton: “He is the greatest of our era”

Lewis Hamilton has met great champions such as Fernando Alonso and Sebastian Vettel throughout his career in Formula 1, but the four-time world champion considers the British to be the best of his time.

When Lewis Hamilton made his Formula 1 debut in 2007, there were great drivers like Fernando Alonso, Kimi Räikkönen or Sebastian Vettel. And today, young talents like Charles Leclerc or Max Verstappen dream of picking up the baton for what is now the most successful driver of all time.

A success that for many has been based on the dominance of Mercedes, but that in Sebastian Vettel’s opinion only reflects his worth as a driver. “For me, emotionally, Michael (Schumacher) will always be the best driver, but there is no doubt that Lewis is the best in terms of what he has achieved. He has equaled the championships, he has won more races, he has many more poles, so I think he has done everything you can ask for ».

Hamilton equals Schumacher and is already seven-time Formula 1 world championHamilton equals Schumacher and is already seven-time Formula 1 world championRead news

The German was the first to congratulate Hamilton on his seventh title at the end of the Turkish Grand Prix and has now revealed his words. «Well, I told him that it is very special for us because we witnessed how history was made. I think he is the greatest of our era for sure. I think that it is always difficult to compare between eras. How can Fangio, Stirling Moss compare to our generation? It can not”.

Something that countless media and fans have tried to do over the years, but which in Vettel’s opinion is impossible to determine. Maybe we would be useless because we would be screwed in those cars. Perhaps they would be useless in ours because they are too fast. Who knows? But it does not matter, I believe that each era has its pilot or pilots. And Lewis is without a doubt the greatest of our era, ”concludes Vettel.