Otmar Szafnauer has been satisfied with the signing of the German for 2021

Silverstone team to become Aston Martin next year

Otmar Szafnauer, Racing Point team boss, has been very satisfied with the signing of Sebastian Vettel for 2021 and believes that both parties will benefit from the agreement. Szafnauer has already talked about caring for and pampering the four-time world champion.

From Silverstone – in the team that will be called Aston Martin in 2021 -, they blindly trust Vettel’s potential and believe that he is in maximum form in his career, although they are aware that he does not feel especially loved after the last seasons at Ferrari.

“Sebastian needs a little love, and our job is to put our arm around him,” Szafnauer implied in words for British TV Sky Sports F1 in a metaphor for physical affection in a human relationship.

“He is 33 years old and is in peak form in his career. He has a lot of experience and is very motivated to do well. He works very hard and believes in our team, where we want to take it and the level we want to reach … that’s why Sebastian is perfect for us, “he justified. “I am confident that he will do well.”

In case it was necessary, Szafnauer has once again insisted that the one chosen to create a gap for Vettel should be, contractually speaking, Sergio Pérez since Lance Stroll – son of the owner of both Racing Point and Aston Martin – did not have an exit clause in your agreement with the team.

“Lance is a 21 year old young uncle and yes his father owns the team, so when we wanted to make a change to the team because Sebastian was available, he had to be Czech. There were options in his contract and not in Lance’s. “, It’s over.

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