Vettel annoys Alonso’s return; the Ferraris also out of Q3

The five eliminated in Q2 of the Austrian Grand Prix have been Carlos Sainz (by six thousandths with Russell, first time for a Williams), Leclerc, Ricciardo, Fernando Alonso and Giovinazzi. But a stopper that Vettel has exerted on Alonso when he was on a fast lap has annoyed the Asturian’s options to do his best timed of the year.

Here has started the announced strategies to play the qualy with the middle, the first to uncover it have been the Red Bulls with Checo Pérez (1’04 ”554) and then Mercedes, Ferrari, Toro Rosso and McLaren have also followed.

Verstappen has already uncovered with his 1’04 ”208 keeping Hamilton (at 0” 293) and the others at bay, the first of the rest Norris and his 1’04 ”483. After the first attack, the two Ferraris and Alonso were out of the cut (Carlos 11º and Fernando 13º), the Asturian riding four tenths slower than in his stratospheric lap in Q3 (1’04 ”472).

For the second attempt the Ferraris stayed with the media, Alonso again a soft game. Fernando had been improving, flying in the first two sectors when Vettel screwed up his time by blocking him between turns 9 and 10, an error by the team of not warning the German that although he apologized to Fernando it cost him a good result and get back into Q3 like a week ago.

Alonso meets Vettel at the end of Q2 at Austrian GPAlonso meets Vettel at the end of Q2 at Austrian GP

It was his last attack taking advantage of the entire track and from turn 3 he had already been improving taking advantage of every millimeter of the asphalt in the second sector and a half of the vertex of turn 10 the stopper has been found. And it has contravened the directive of the previous day of Race Direction that it could not be slowed down between turns 9 and 10. In its favor is that the cars that preceded it (Bottas and Carlos Sainz, also later called by Race Direction) also They were slowing down and he was even scared when he saw the Asturian in the rear-view mirror. Finally neither Bottas nor Sainz have received a sanction and Vettel three places on the grid and goes from 8th to 11th; Carlos Sainz wins one and will start 10th.

And it rained when it was wet. In Free 2 he was annoyed by Raikkonen and in this Q2 another veteran, Vettel. Irreproducible the radio intervention of the very angry Asturian, totally understandable – ”but what the hell! I can’t believe it ”, this is the lighter version– and fists the cockpit with rage. He could see himself finishing 5th or 6th on the grid as this qualifying was so well drawn and saving new tires for Q3 and going to 14th.

Initial YP 11 for Carlos Sainz who has touched that top-10 with the tips of his fingers until Russell has taken it from him in extremis by six thousandths and improves a place that could be two compared to 7 days ago as soon as the obvious penalty to Vettel. Neither did Leclerc pass and swapped a P7 for a P12 today. Ahead Verstappen with the media has scored a 1’03 ”927, three tenths better than Hamilton.

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It doesn’t matter if they sanction Vettel because there are already consequences