Veterans do respond to Zidane

Football, as a general rule, is not like good wine, the older it is, the better quality it has. It tends to be quite the opposite, when you are young, it is when you practice best. However, in the specific case of Real MadridIt does not seem that this is the case, since its main bastions exceed thirty and, some, comfortably.

It is the case of Modric (35 years), Benzema (33 years old) and Toni
Kroos (31 years). All of them at a great level in the victory this Saturday against the Alaves (1-4) and, with few exceptions, also throughout the season. They always respond to Zidane and Zidane, for his part, always answers rivals with them.

It is clear that the French prefer to ‘pull’ on experience rather than youth. That explains the desire to fly that you have Odegaard, which already had Jovic leaving the nest and those that other players such as Ceballos, Achraf or Sergio Reguilón also had.

Hazard also released his prefix change

The Belgian Eden
Hazard, who turned 30 on January 7, also debuted in Vitoria his entry into his thirties. The former Chelsea, who is still waiting for MadridIt seems that he is straightening the course and, with his goal, he joins the poster of experienced footballers that Zidane has among its holders.

Without forgetting the captain Sergio
Bouquets (It will be 35 years in March) or Casemiro, which will hit 29 in February.