Very useful tricks recommended by experts to improve your memory | Life

The feeling that comes over you when you don’t remember something or can’t figure out where you’ve left something that you had in your hands recently is frustrating.

Surely that Have you ever been reminded of a moment or a situation where you have been present and of which you did not remember well what was being talked about or who was there. It may also have happened to you that you have forgotten where you left an object that, a few minutes ago, you were holding in your hands.

In order to To avoid that frustrating feeling, you can do some daily activities that will help you improve concentration and enhance your memory capacity. However, keep in mind that it is also very important to pay attention and that each person is a world and they do not have to work for everyone.

One of the tips that experts recommend to improve concentration is change daily customs. For example, from Alma, Corazón, Vida, they propose to brush their teeth with the opposite hand to the usual, change the place of cutlery or choose a new way to go to work or university.

This fact will force brain cells to adapt and communicate with each other, which will generate a good training that prevents them from dying prematurely, they point out.

Another recommendation they make is to take a 20 minute nap to relax your mind and improve the attention of memories. As they point out, sleep disorders can interrupt the processes that activate memory and alter decision-making, so if you’ve had a bad night’s rest, a nap throughout the day will help restore balance.

Researchers have also found that listening to music can help improve memory capacity. In particular, research has shown that classical music can increase children’s scores and slow down the decline in cognitive abilities.

Finally, if you need to remember something more immediate (such as, for example, where you left the mobile that you had in your hand a second ago), they recommend close your eyes for a short time and try to focus. This fact allows to stop all visual distraction and helps to visualize the details of what you are trying to remember.

This article was published in Business Insider Spain by Sandra Viñas.