Today was Mark Gurman’s day. The Bloomberg editor has waited patiently for Apple to confirm next week’s event, something he predicted, so that all the other leakers would have to swallow his words and admit their mistakes. And once that has happened, calmly, he has published new data in Bloomberg about what we are going to see at that event.

And if Gurman is right, we are going to have some changes: we are not going to see the iPhone yet and we are going to focus on the new Apple Watch and new iPad models. In addition, we could also see the arrival of some accessories such as a new smaller HomePod and the long-awaited over-ear headphones. But the impatience of many users appears in the form of this question: Will we already see some Mac with Apple Silicon chip?

Let’s not rule out surprises, but let’s get “no”


I don’t want to be pessimistic, but the truth is there is very little chance of that happening. And be careful, it’s not a bet, I would love to be wrong. But even without presenting the new iPhones, next week’s event already has material to fill up to 2 hours of live video between new iPads, new Apple Watch and new accessories. The icing on the cake can be put by news in Apple services, those new subscription packs and the odd trailer of new content for Apple TV +.

After all, Apple promised at WWDC20 that the first Macs will arrive towards the end of the year. And September marks the beginning of the last months of 2020, but is not close to those “end of the year” dates that have been literally announced in Cupertino.

The A12Z chip in the Mac mini DTK equals the 16-inch MacBook Pro with Core i9 according to a “homemade” benchmark.

Perhaps, being optimistic, there may be some surprise. The transition from PowerPC to Intel was about four months early, and the company is obviously in a rush to start the transition as everyone will stop buying Intel-chip Macs to keep up. We are not going to have anything for sale far from it, but I do not totally rule out that Apple does a pre-announcement just like the one you did with today’s Mac Pro. Perhaps they show the first Mac with an Apple Silicon chip, as a sneak peek, to announce that they are going to put it on sale in October or November.

I insist that this can happen within the most optimistic scenario of all, and that we will most likely have to keep waiting. Who knows, if in the end Apple presents the iPhone 12 a month later, perhaps it will take this opportunity to surprise and show those first Mac with Apple Silicon chip.

We will see what happens. For now let’s focus on the most likely news that we will have next Tuesday, in a week. From Applesfera and we are preparing the follow-up to offer you the news as soon as possible.

Image | Charles Deluvio

Sharing Apple Silicon at next week’s event: highly unlikely, but there can always be surprises