Very tropical! Ninel Conde surprises fans with a swimsuit

Very tropical!  Ninel Conde surprises fans with a swimsuit (Instagram)

Very tropical! Ninel Conde surprises fans with a swimsuit | Instagram

Singer and actress Ninel Conde It is characterized by continuously pampering its fans, thanks to its photographs it has become more and more admirers and followers on its social networks, a few weeks ago it shared a photograph with which it surely caused more than sighs when wearing a tight suit two-piece bathroom.

This swimsuit from a few weeks ago that the interpreter of “Callados” is quite striking, it looks very tropical, especially because of the place where the actress was.

The beautiful celebrity of social networks and also known for having a very controversial life on constant occasions, Ninel Conde he knows very well what his followers like.

Throughout her career Ninel Conde has gone through some scandals that have marked her, especially due to her indirect confrontations with Niurka also known as the scandal woman, in addition to the fact that at some time Ninel was classified as an uneducated person because in on occasion he got confused in some interviews for what was reason for jokes.

Despite this, he managed to take advantage of it, you may remember some commercials for a well-known brand of cookies, where Ninel Conde He starred in referring to the mistake he had made months ago.

However, each of the stumbles she has had in her career has been able to take advantage of them and move forward as a fighter and in the end a winner.

Today she is known for being the possessor of an enviable figure, despite the fact that there are those who claim that she went through the scalpel, whether or not it is true she is one of the most envied women precisely for her curves that would drive anyone crazy.

In her publication that she shared six weeks ago, the first of October to be exact is Ninel Conde in the “Mediterranean Sea of ​​Bodrum”, the beautiful singer appears next to the beach showing off her swimsuit while posing incredible for the photo.

This one is two pieces and extremely colorful, she is wearing dark glasses and a white sarong that highlights her curves even more when worn at the hips, this one is short so her legs looked pretty.

If you want to see the photo, click on the NEXT LINK.

For my #condefans who have asked me for the traditional bikini photo of my birthday trip, here I leave them with all my love !!! And as the wise saying says, “Who does not like it, look to the other side.” Be happy. Remember to be wise and do not allow ANYONE to harm your emotions … Well that just depends on you. I love you, “wrote Ninel Conde.

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Recently Ninel Conde She married her boyfriend Larry Ramos, this marriage was highly criticized, even shortly before getting married despite this, the singer cared very little about the opinion of others and so far, it is known that both are extremely happy.

Currently Ninel has been perfectly combining her acting career at the same time as her singing career, although the play where she participated alongside Ariel Miramontes as “Albertano” had to be suspended momentarily due to the pandemic. much to return to her, although at the moment she is enjoying her honeymoon.

I love it and who doesn’t like it is out of sheer envy because you have a beautiful body “,” Let them talk, you look statuesque and beautiful “,” Always beautiful Ninel was gorgeous, “wrote some Internet users.

In her Instagram account Ninel has made several followers who adore her and follow her in any project she undertakes, because you surely did not know that she is also a businesswoman, her 4 million 600 thousand fans adore her and support her in any decision she makes be it professional or personal.

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