Very positive reactions to the Xbox Series premiere among readers but also with some criticism

Quick Resume, the backward compatibility or how quiet the console is are some of the best valued details.

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The premiere of a new generation of consoles is a source of joy for any video game fan, and after several days with Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S in the homes of some of the 3D Games readers, the general feeling is one of great satisfaction with the new Microsoft machines. You will remember that the last question in our Readers Opinion section was aimed at knowing your opinion: what did you think of this new generation jump, the particularities of Xbox Series, its games, and the topic has ended with about 400 reviews.

A console from my point of view has to come out with some flagship game to accompany it Mesan 8001Ultra quiet, ultra fast, all games enjoy great performance and graphics […] As a final point, “he says X-Rapture-X, “I think the issue of backward compatibility is a hoot, being able to buy in the Store or play in the Game Pass games so beloved of other generations such as Alan Wake, Dead Space or some Silent Hill is a joy”. There are few who have stood out how quiet is Xbox Series.

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“It is a fantastic machine and you don’t even know that it is on, and to that is added the speed of passing between games and loading times of just 5 seconds,” he says Weirdanwalker, who also highlights how Xbox Series automatically improves the graphics of old games like Conker or the first Red Dead Redemption. Much has been said about services such as Xbox Game Pass, which allow access to a huge variety of video games, but also about the lack of a great exclusive that was the standard bearer for this new generation of Xbox.

The experience since I opened it has not stopped being positive. It is a machine that I would recommend to anyone“Everything perfect but unlike what Phil Spencer said [que Xbox no necesita un exclusivo para tener éxito en su lanzamiento], Series X needed a great launch exclusive game. A console from my point of view has to come out with some ‘flagship’ game to go with it, “he says. Mesan 8001. “Okay, at first it was going to be Halo Infinite, but you always have to have a plan B.” Some readers like MacGyver-93 They have defined this purchase as “an investment in the future while waiting for what Xbox Game Studios offer us.” In the meantime, he adds, “I’m going to enjoy titles that I previously couldn’t play or that are now more accessible with Game Pass.”

“I feel that Series X is one of the best consoles that Microsoft has made, not to say directly the best. I have not been able to find negative points beyond the fact that it does not arrive with some totally new game under its arm at its launch,” he says Feelfist, “and the experience since I opened it has not stopped being positive. It is a machine that I would recommend to anyone”. So far everything has been opinions about Series X, but there have also been readers who have opted for the cheapest model, and their feelings are equally positive. “I have the Series S and it is a luxury, it does not make absolutely no noise and it is small, much smaller than the Xbox One S”, says AlexBrb.

The controller is better than the Xbox One, but it still does not measure up to the Switch Pro or the DualSenseAlexBrb“The Quick Resume is another luxury: if you have to finish the game because you’re going to eat or whatever, before you turned off the TV and left the console on so you didn’t have to wait for everything to start again,” this reader continues. “Now you can turn off everything that takes a couple of seconds to turn on and puts the game without a title screen or anything, right where you left it. You save time and electricity, which are details, but details that count. “When it comes to the controller, AlexBrb has mixed feelings.” With the few improvements it has it is better than the Xbox One, but it is still not at the level of the Switch Pro controller and than I think the DualSense will be. It is not the same that the remote has HD vibration as it simply vibrates for each thing and with the same type of vibration; but the grip, the triggers, the position of the joysticks and the new crosshead are great. “

If you wanted to comment on the previous topic, do not miss the opportunity to share with the rest your feelings with the new generation of Microsoft. And if you didn’t, we recommend you take a look at our video review of Xbox Series X and S, where we talk about everything we like, what we don’t, about their first games and more. Its premiere has also been marked by the lack of units, which has led Phil Spencer to apologize for the lack of Xbox Series stock. Despite this, the console has broken a sales record in the history of Xbox.

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