Very intense! Noelia causes more than sighs with a black bodysuit

Very intense! Noelia causes more than sighs with a black body | Instagram

Noelia the pretty singer, actress, model and businesswoman has once again managed to cause her fans and some netizens to bite their lips when they see her again in a video while wearing a small transparent black bodysuit.

Without hesitation twice some of the people who saw the video they immediately began to write a declaration of love or words that would bristle the skin of anyone who saw them, as well as began to like it.

The beautiful celebrity and Internet personality has managed to win the love and admiration of Internet users this thanks to the content that Noelia publishes without penalty on his official Instagram account.

Only an hour ago he shared it on his account, this to promote his OnlyFans page where surely more than one of those who have seen his publications decided to subscribe to his account, where they are surely enjoying his constant photos and videos.

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In her video, she is asking her fans if they have already signed up and if they don’t, they shouldn’t think about it so much and do it, stating that she will be waiting for them there.

While doing that, she is recording herself wearing her exquisite figure and in doing so, the camera passes from above to where it reaches her arm, so we can see part of her charms while wearing a black bodysuit with some transparencies and strips on the back that is lost among her beautiful and round charms.


One hour after he launched it on Instagram, he has more than 8 thousand reproductions, although he has only 89 comments, his fans did nothing but praise his beautiful figure.

Noelia was in her apartment from what can be seen was near the bathroom with the lights off, there was only a dim light that gave a romantic air to the flirtatious video, but also some mysticism.

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The singer has become quite active in her social network, daily she gives us varied content on her account, what Internet users like the most is that she shows herself as she is, a female producer who is not afraid of what others think.

It is precisely for this reason that Noelia is so loved by those close to her because she always shows herself as she is both in real life and in her social networks, she maintains her same essence.