Very flirtatious Aleida Núñez opens her swimsuit carefully

Very flirtatious Aleida Núñez opens her swimsuit carefully | Instagram

He did it again! Aleida Nunez actress Mexican who gives life to “Gardenia” in the telenovela “Tomorrow is Forever“He has surprised his fans with a new photograph on his Instagram account, in which he is wearing a striking phosphorescent swimsuit, which he is pulling a bit so he showed a little more.

The popularity of this beautiful model, singer and actress With brunette skin, the beautiful celebrity star has conquered us once again with her most recent Photo on his official Instagram account.

Aleida Nunez She does not miss an opportunity to show off her exquisite figure, the exercise she has been doing since she was 16 years old continues to take effect, surprisingly she could be the new Maribel Guardia when she is her age, today Aleida is 40 years old, 22 years younger than Maribel.

In some posts on her Instagram, she has shared that she loves to exercise and even in several videos we have had the opportunity to see some of her exercise routines, having a figure like hers is not something easy, it takes dedication and perseverance.

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Wearing a two-piece swimsuit, which by the way are somewhat tiny, the beautiful model appears posing in front of a wall that appears to be made of wood, when wearing such a striking swimsuit it is inevitable not to turn to see her right away.

What surely attracted the most attention and even a bit of despair among her fans is the fact that the bottom was pulling her a bit, exposing a little more of her perfect skin, the despair of some of her fans was that stopped and did not finish showing more.


The most impressive thing about her figure is that she already became a mother a few years ago and it seems that she has not gone through this beautiful process, her figure is simply sensational, something with which millions of followers will agree, on Instagram by the way she has 3.4 million.

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We are the one who moves the world with just a smile, “Aleida wrote.

22 hours ago he shared this photo, after this time he already has 81,277 like’s which we see reflected in the red hearts, he also has several comments, these are 1,029 in total.

Some followers are on the lookout for him to decide to open his own OnlyFans account, in these types of accounts, we see content that is mostly for people over 18 years old, although there are celebrities who share publications that despite being risque they do not show more than they should.

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You are a dream come true, good night sweetheart “,” What a beautiful body “,” How spectacular and beautiful you are “, wrote some fans.

Although her shapely legs are not fully shown, several of her followers were satisfied with the image that is more than captivating, especially because thanks to the pose in which she is, her charms are highlighted to perfection.

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Like many other personalities of the show, Aleida has known how to take advantage of her popularity not only to show off her figure, but also as a businesswoman and philanthropist, did you know that she has an association that helps women and supports them, not only those who have suffered but also those who have suffered. entrepreneurs like her.

Núñez has a line of jean that he promotes constantly, a few months ago his association joined the women of the OTOMI community to promote a line of embroidered jeans, the proceeds were to support his work and talent.

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