Vertigo Films to release ‘Martyrs’ on Blu-Ray and DVD!

Vertigo Films is pleased to announce the next release in Spain on Blu-Ray and DVD of the iconic and surprising ‘Martyrs‘, a 2008 horror film that has become a cult work in its own right within the genre.

The film, written and directed by French Pascal Laugier, was never released in Spain, neither in commercial theaters or in domestic format, although after its world premiere at the Cannes festival it could be seen at national festivals such as Sitges or at the Syfy Show. from Madrid, where it was acclaimed and applauded by the public.

In this way, the film can be seen for the first time in our country, where it remained unpublished, and also dubbed into Spanish. There will be an edition on both Blu-Ray and DVD and is expected to contain more than two hours of additional content, including an extensive “Making of” and an interview with its director.

starring Morjana Alaoui, Mylène Jampanoï and fellow director Xavier Dolan, ‘Martyrs‘is an unclassifiable jewel that every lover of the genre should see and that now, finally, will arrive in Spain in a unique edition in physical format, in HD quality.

It is the second film by Laugier, also responsible for ‘The boarding school’, ‘The man in the shadows’ and ‘Ghostland’, as well as the series ‘They were ten’, a reinterpretation of Agatha Christie’s ‘Ten little blacks’ released last year in our country by SundanceTV.

Finally we leave you with the official synopsis and the original trailer of ‘Martyrs‘, a film that in 2015 featured a North American remake that was also unpublished in our country, although significantly lower.

France. Early 1970s. Lucie, a girl who was long reported missing, is seen walking down a road staring, half naked and disoriented. He is unable to explain anything about his period of absence. From that moment begins an exercise of revenge that will end many years later, through a terrifying journey.

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