Vertical batteries, the solution for greater autonomy in the electric car?


ACD avatar ACD July 2, 2021

How to gain greater autonomy in the electric car and allow different designs? Vertical batteries may be the solution.

One of the main objectives of manufacturers is achieve increased autonomy of electric cars without sacrificing interior space and without increasing the weight of the battery due to its greater energy capacity.

To date, the solution being implemented is to place the batteries horizontally, occupying the space between the two axles of the vehicle, but the automotive solutions manufacturer Page-Roberts Automotive is opting for a different strategy: vertical batteries.

More space, but less practicality

Example of vertical batteries

2 photos Example of vertical batteries


With the horizontal placement of the batteries, in a skateboard-like structure, a lower center of gravity is achieved and, therefore, an improvement in the stability of the electric vehicle. However, it also has its buts, as they are a extra height and weight and the structural complexities it entails for the bodywork

The proposal of the British start-up is curious and represents a radical transformation of the cabin. The British have announced vertical batteries arranged between the front and rear of the cabin, so that the second row of seats would be facing away from the driver, taking advantage of the battery wall as a backup.

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The start-up points out that it is a solution that increases autonomy by 30 percent, reducing the cost of production of an electric car by 36 percent and raising the charging capacity by 30 percent.

According to Page-Roberts Automotive, this would allow the vehicle to be lowered, and at the same time, improve car design. In this way, designers would have more flexibility in redefining the exterior of the car. In addition, the company claims that this position reduces exposure to impacts, saving between 35 and 75 kg of crash structure materials.

These are the largest manufacturers of batteries for electric cars today

However, the vertical arrangement of the batteries could cause the practicality of the interior is limited, as batteries stand as a physical barrier between passengers in the front and rear rows.

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