Verstappen “not interested” in talking more about Hamilton clash

Verstappen and Hamilton collided at high speed as they battled for the lead on the first lap of the British Grand Prix, causing the Red Bull driver to hit the outside of Copse at a force of 51G.

The pilot of Mercedes he was found guilty of causing the crash and that resulted in a 10-second penalty that he paid at his pit stop and then recovered and won the race. This result allowed him to cut the advantage of Verstappen at the top of the drivers’ championship.

The incident sparked an irate response from the Red Bull F1 boss, Christian Horner, who called Hamilton’s maneuver “desperate” and “amateurish,” and criticized Mercedes’ decision to celebrate while Verstappen was in the hospital for major exams.

Mercedes boss Toto Wolff felt that Red Bull had gone too far in his comments, but Horner reiterated his criticism and confirmed that the team was exploring its options to take further action on the incident.

The FIA ​​announced on Tuesday that Red Bull had filed a right to review the incident, with a hearing scheduled for Thursday during the Hungarian Grand Prix.

But amid the uproar surrounding the incident, Verstappen said in a Red Bull press release ahead of the Hungarian race that he had little interest in adding anything to the matter.

“I don’t have much to say about all the media hype, and to be honest, I’m not interested in getting involved in any of that,” Verstappen said.

“I know what happened at Silverstone as I was in the car and obviously I have a feeling about how my career ended, but now I’m just focusing on making sure we’re doing our best on the track so we can keep going. ahead in the championship. “

“The team can take care of the official part of things and anything that needs to be investigated after the accident, but my job is the same as always: do the best I can and try to win on Sunday.”

Verstappen was in pain after the impact at Silverstone, and was taken to hospital for a precautionary MRI before being released a few hours later.

The Dutch driver prepared for his return to the cockpit in Hungary by completing a 24-hour simulator race last weekend, participating in the iRacing 24 Hours of Spa, and has posted photos on social media of his return to training. .

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“I’m a little sore, but that’s normal after such a heavy impact, but I’m training and feeling good,” Verstappen said.

“I did a 24 hour simulator run this week and it was a good test to see how my body would react to spending time sitting in one position and behind screens for a long time.”

“I felt absolutely good, which makes me feel positive for the weekend. I’m ready to run again.”

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