The Dutchman takes the overall championship victory in the last race

Juncadella and Norris get on the podium in Suzuka

Max Verstappen took the overall victory in the virtual championship ‘Real Racers Never Quit’ organized by the simracing team Team Redline. The Dutchman spun in the first race in full battle with his direct rival and Daniel Juncadella has returned to the podium.

Verstappen has managed to clinch the ‘Real Racers Never Quit’ simracing championship after a close-quarters fight that led to him trumpeting against Kelvin van der Linde. The South African was the Red Bull driver’s greatest rival and hit first with Pole at Suzuka for the first of two races.

Van der Linde defended the Pole well, but could not hold Verstappen more than three laps. In a desperate attempt to overtake him at Turn 1, he touched Max and spun him. The Dutchman fell to tenth place and his options for the title were compromised.

Verstappen was remade to rise to sixth place finish and keep his aspirations alive. Victory for Van der Linde who met the objective. Daniel Juncadella was on the podium after an impeccable performance and just over a second from second place.


Kelvin van der Linde Agustín Canapino Daniel Juncadella

Same protagonists for the second test. New Pole for a Van der Linde sigh over Verstappen. Lando Norris appeared on the scene for the first time with a fourth place finish.

The British and the Dutch experienced an intense duel on the track as they have accustomed us. Van der Linde could not escape, but took advantage of this situation to return to be successful. South African victory, second place for Norris and third place for Verstappen.


Kelvin van der Linde Lando Norris Max Verstappen

This Verstappen podium earned him the overall victory in the virtual championship ‘Real Racers Never Quit’. The 33, waiting for the Formula 1 of 2020 to start, stands with his first title of the season. Who knows if more will come both on and off the slopes.

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