Nintendo has several titles available on mobile devices, of which one of the most popular is Fire Emblem Heroes. Thus, like any other game available on this platform, this is updated regularly to provide the best possible experience for players, and therefore the game is now available new version 4.7.0, which comes loaded with some changes and improvements that we detail in the following lines so that you do not miss a single one of these novelties.

Fire Emblem Heroes has already reached the new version 4.7.0

The automatic deployment function has been implemented in ethereal assaults:Starting in the season beginning 07-07-2020 07:00 (UTC), the automatic deployment feature will be available in Ethereal Assaults.
This feature allows you to deploy an assault battalion. However, instead of attacking another player’s defensive battalion manually, your assault battalion will automatically face a battalion generated by the game engine. The auto unfold feature can be used three times per season. To do this, select the corresponding option on the Ethereal Assaults screen. This process consumes both ether and attack manually and will not complete until 20 hours have passed. Once the assault battalion has returned, tap the « Results » button to see a replay of the battle. If your assault battalion wins, you’ll earn 75% of the normal amount of altitude, as well as a daily reward (if you qualify). Also, you have at your disposal an option that allows you to use twice as much ether and double the altitude gained. Altitude bonuses from Mythical Heroes, Blessings, and Season Heroes also apply. Finally, if you activate the option «Notif. Castle: Auto Deployment », you will be notified when your assault battalion returns!

The limited-time combat manuals available have been updated:After the release of version 4.7.0, you will be able to get 6 ephemeral divine codices in certain events and exchange them for a new selection of combat manuals for a limited time thanks to the collection function

New weapon skills and weapons to refine are now available:The following weapons can be upgraded at the weapon refinery once obtained: Dark Spear: Can learn this skill: Berkut, Haughty Prince Crimson Ax: Can learn this skill: Sheena, Princess of Grim Breath: Can learn this skill: Corrin, Daughter of The following weapon can be upgraded or special effects can be obtained thanks to the medals of the coliseum and the divine dew: Honor of Zofia: You can learn this skill: Celica, Submissive soul

Ethereal Raids and Ethereal Paradise have been updated:The maximum level of certain structures has been increased, such as the tactical room (A and D), which can go up to level 7The ethereal paradise has been updated and 3 new songs have been added to the auditorium: « Dew and Patty », by Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War; Rencuentro, from Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones; and « If the night is falling, Frederick! », from Fire Emblem: Awakening

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Mjölnir’s attack has been updatedThe maximum level of certain artifacts has been increased, such as that of the dream pot, which can go up to level 4

More heroes thanks to heroic grails:Can be summoned thanks to heroic grails to Sahnard: The Mad King and Hinata: Samurai Groom

Additional changes:The size of combat miniatures for double and harmonized heroes can be reduced by selecting « Both units » in the « View double units » option in the « Settings » menu. In this way, the miniatures will now adapt better to the map squares during the fights, since, previously, they exceeded the ideal size. The option «Hab. support in automatic combat » to the game settings, which can be set to « Yes », « No » and « No room. displacement ». Using this option, you can control whether or not your units use support skills during auto combat. Several options regarding castle notifications have been added to the game settings. These notifications are displayed on the castle screen and keep players up to date on their activities and progress within the game. This option allows you to activate or deactivate the notifications of each mode (such as Lost Knowledge, Mjölnir’s onslaught, voting tournaments, etc.) The button « See power » has been added to the invocation screen. This function allows you to view the hero profile screen in preference events, where information will be shown for units with level 40, all their skills learned, and no weak or strong points in their attributes. Thus, the presentations of Sharena’s heroes, which were previously only available through ‘Infor. Heroes ”can now be viewed by tapping the“ Character Profile ”button Changes have been made to improve the performance and user interface of devices with the Chrome OS operating system In version 4.6.0, the rewards of a season of fierce battles they could be claimed at the beginning of the next one. However, since the release of version 4.7.0, the season rewards can be claimed at the end of this season. Soon, graphic ads will be added to Fire Emblem Heroes at the top of the notification screen so that players can distinguish more easily what events are taking place in the game and which will be available soon (along with a calendar). Tapping an ad will direct you to notification of the current event in question