Maranello presents the evolution of the Ferrari Portofino of 2017

Win 20 horses until you reach 620; new gearbox

The Ferrari Portofino M is the new versatile sports car from the house of Maranello, an option designed for those who want to feel the excitement of the Prancing Horse without sacrificing everyday practicality. Introduced in September 2020, it delivers 620 horsepower. The first deliveries will be in the second quarter of 2021. It will be available from 206,000 euros.

The Portofino M was born as a profound evolution of the Ferrari Portofino presented in 2017. To differentiate it from a mere restyling, it has earned an ‘M’ in its name, which means ‘Modified’. It is part of a family of vehicles that began in 2008 with the Ferrari California, which led to the California T and eventually the Portofino.


The Ferrari Portofino M measures 4.59 meters in length, 1.93 meters in width -2.02 with the mirrors open- and 1.31 meters in height. Its wheelbase is 2.67 meters. It has a curb weight of 1,545 kilos.

The Portofino M is eight millimeters longer than its predecessor, although it retains the same width, height, wheelbase and weight.

It shows an essentially continuous aesthetic, although from Maranello they explain that they have made some modifications for reasons of technical necessity. Thus, the side air intakes grow in size and a ventilation channel is introduced at the height of the wheel arch to improve their aerodynamic performance.

The rear presents important news. The diffuser has been redesigned from scratch to become independent from the bumper structure, which in addition to improving the car’s handling also opens up a range of customization possibilities, including a paint-free carbon fiber finish. The exhaust system is also new and allows the muffler to be dispensed with.

The Portofino M also receives specific diamond-shaped wheels.


The great novelty of the Ferrari Portofino M is the incorporation of the characteristic Manettino on the steering wheel, which allows the driver to choose between five different configurations depending on the conditions of the race and their skills at the wheel.

One option that Maranello finds especially attractive to its enthusiasts is the ‘Race’ mode, which retains the vehicle’s electronic aids, but raises power delivery for more accessible sporty driving. Naturally, it is also possible to switch off all assists.


The Ferrari Portofino M retains the V8 turbo engine of its predecessor, but raises its power to 620 horsepower. That is a gain of 20 horses over the original Portofino.

Beyond sheer power, the great novelty of the Portofino M is the adoption of a new eight-speed dual-clutch gearbox that drinks directly from the SF90 Stradale.

The new transmission is 20% smaller than the original Portofino and allows 35% more torque to be transmitted, while lowering the center of gravity and reducing weight.

From Maranello they explain that they have reduced the first seven ratios to provide the driver with greater acceleration and sportiness. For long journeys, you can lean on a virtually infinite eighth gear.


The Ferrari Portofino M is available starting at 206,000 euros. Deliveries will begin in the second quarter of 2021.


Date Upgrade 09/16/2020 Presentation of the Ferrari Portofino M.

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