Visionary, with a desire for permanent improvement and exemplary exponent of the culture of entrepreneurship, the Galician designerRoberto Verinotoday celebrates his 75th birthday with the pride of having made his name, through decades of work and creativity, a legend of Spanish design. With a lot of determination and with excellence as a flag, Roberto Verino can boast of making a realistic fashion, aimed at a society that follows trends but without losing the perspective of women and men on the street.

“Buying a Roberto Verino is an investment, not an expense,” says the designer in a statement given on the occasion of his anniversary. Roberto Verino believes that the health crisis of COVID-19 will also have its effect on fashion and that after the pandemic, people “will dress respecting nature and seek quality.”

The Spanish creator has always opted for fashion with a point of timelessness. Throughout his career, he has been combining crafts, experience and traditional trades, with evident success, and has always tried, as he explains, to reconcile “the human essence” with new technologies, without losing in view of excellence, and with these criteria they are committed to “continue working”.

In the late 1960s, Roberto Verino designed several collections toBilly Bonnyin Paris. From there the Spanish creator was spinning a firm and coherent career, which continues to the present day. Today, Verino has more than 180 points of sale open worldwide, with a presence in Portugal and Mexico and an ambitious project of renewal and international expansion. “The most important thing is always to come, but you have to work to make it come,” she says, aware that behind fashion “there are people with unlimited will, strength and creative capacity.”

Roberto Verino, who is actually called Manuel Roberto Mariño, was born on May 3, 1945 in Verín, a town in Orense from which he took his last name, to which he pays tribute with his professional last name. He studied Fine Arts in Paris, there he collaborated with Bonny, to return later to his land with the responsibility of developing the French firm in Spain.

This is how, almost without realizing it and without intending it, he became an entrepreneur, pushed by circumstances. Verino took over the family clothing business and in three years and with great dedication transformed it.

“From my mother and my grandmotherdawnI learned the most valuable lessons. They have been my best references, “he acknowledges. In 1982 he created his first fashion collection and a year later he opened his first store in Paris, at number 33 on Rue de Grenelle.

The designer wanted his family and his rural environment of childhood and youth to be part of his creative and business project. Perhaps the most logical thing would have been to settle in the capital, but he bet on his roots, a difficult decision that, later, as he progressed in his career, has ended up compensating him. “I have been fortunate that these people will dedicate their time, their wisdom and their knowledge to me,” he says, referring to his family and the artisans with whom he had the opportunity to work in his native Galicia.

The concern for innovation has helped Roberto Verino to maintain its success and have an international projection. Dedication, work and respect for things well done are, he says, the cornerstones of his philosophy of life and business. Those principles and his way of doing made him the standard bearer of Galician fashion in the 80s of the last century, since he shared withAdolfo Domínguez, another of the great references of Spanish fashion at an international level.

Roberto Verino is a pioneer of what the specialized press has called the “smart wardrobe”, he has always opted for quality rather than quantity, and in 1984 he paraded for the first time at the then Pasarela Cibeles.

A year later he presented in Paris a collection designed by the painterXaime Quesada, launched the “Vento” line and promoted the recovery of flax cultivation in Galicia.