Vergara changes the face of the women’s Tri and debuts with a 3-1 victory against Costa Rica

Vergara changes the face of the women’s Tri and makes her debut with a 3-1 victory against Costa Rica


▲ The Mexican team took to the field with an offensive approach, which paid off in the final scoreboard Photo Imago7

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La Jornada newspaper
Sunday, February 21, 2021, p. a10

She barely got to the helm of the Mexican women’s team and coach Mónica Vergara celebrated a 3-1 win against Costa Rica in a friendly match. The celebration was historic for the tricolor when they returned to the Azteca stadium after 14 years.

Despite the absence of fans due to Covid-19, Rebeca Bernal (26), Katty Martínez (36) and Stephany Mayor (53) were in charge of igniting the emotions by scoring the winning goals against a team from Costa Rica that showed little in the attack and only Fabiola Villalobos (82) managed to discount.

Without making risky combinations, Mónica Vergara bet for an alignment with the pair of Katty Martínez and Stephany Mayor, who wore the captain’s badge, while she sent Cecilia Santiago under the goal, who had to make little effort.

The players were excited when entering the Azteca stadium with the tricolor shirt, ending an absence for almost three decades. The last time that Vergara was in this room she was still a footballer, now she entered as the coach of the national representative, the first in that position.

The Mexicans came out with an offensive scheme, looking for the rival goal and although they managed to enter the area, they failed to close the plays. Costa Rica preferred to wait for the counterattack and in the first minutes gave a scare when Melissa Herrera overflowed from the right side and sent a pass to Priscila Chinchilla, although the shot went wide.

Herrera managed to put danger almost immediately with another similar play, but Jocelyn Orejel stopped the attack. Mexico regained control and in a set piece shot managed to move the marker.

Nicole Pérez, who made her debut in the senior team, took a corner kick for Rebeca Bernal to pick the ball and send it straight to the nets. Emotion invaded the tricolor, it was the first goal that the women’s team scored on their return to the most representative stadium in the country.

While Costa Rica remained withdrawn, the Mexicans persisted in the attack without complications and soon increased the score. Katty Martínez, scoring champion in Liga Mx in the last tournament, received a pass at the edge of the area and finished off with a left foot to make it 2-0 and run to celebrate with Vergara.

The third hit of the Mexicans came easily in the first minutes of the complement. In a wall play with María Sánchez, Stephany Mayor (53) leaked into the area to define with a header in front of the nets.

The wide advantage on the scoreboard gave Vergara confidence to refresh his scheme and took Jimena López, Nicole Pérez and Katty Martínez off the court to give minutes to Andrea Sánchez, Kiana Palacios and Alicia Cervantes.

Near the end, Vergara gave the new faces of Liga Mx such as scorer Alison González, Montserrat Hernández and Alicia Cervantes a chance on the field of play to complete four debuts.

Although Mexico maintained dominance, the Costa Ricans managed to discount after an oversight from behind. In a series of rebounds, Fabiola Villalobos hit a header to put the honor for the visitors.

An excited Monica Vergara said she was satisfied to debut with victory, but we still have a lot of work to do. He indicated that the effort made in the Liga Mx has been an incredible boost for the team.

He remembered when he played at the Azteca stadium while still a footballer. They are such beautiful memories of this fantastic monster. We were a very warrior generation, thanks to it many of the things we have today exist.