There is no doubt that in Twitter abound viral videos unusual starring animals such as a frog hitchhiking in a pond but there are also others like that of a turtle that prevented a fish from dying by helping it return to the water. Don’t miss out on these incredible images that amaze the entire internet!

The brief images shared on Twitter by the account Nature & Animals They have the title « Turtle saves his fish friend » and it is observed how the body of the sea creature lay on a rock with only its head submerged in the water.

A few seconds later, a turtle appears on the scene and tries to pull the fish into the water, an action that awakens it and it begins to move until it dives back into the water. The viral video ends with the fish swimming deep.

While many commented on social media about the heroic actions of the turtle, to the point of comparing it with one of the « Ninja Turtles »; Others disagreed and developed theories that would suggest the reptile’s ulterior motives.

And it is that for many Twitter users The turtle tried to eat the fish but his effort was in vain since the bites he began to give him only woke it up and allowed him to return to the water.


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