Venus Williams is, along with his sister Serena, one of the greatest icons for the black sport not only from the last decades, but from the Tennis history and sports practice in general. Her story is as inspiring as her attitude on the track, which has forged an incredible trajectory that lives her last days. Venus is not transparent to the current climate in the United States, where protests after the death of George Floyd they happen day after day. And this is something that has struck a chord with you.

The Lynwood tennis player shared several days ago on Instagram one of those letters that makes your hair stand on end. A public commitment to end the prevailing racism in the United States, a racism that does not escape far from black tennis players and that she has always tried to overturn by giving her 100% on the court. The letter really has enough power alone, and deserves that it be simply written in its entirety so that it does not lose an iota of its vigor.

“It really saddens me that it took several acts of police brutality for people to realize the racism that still permeates the United States.

Should not.

This only treats the horrible face of racism in the United States in a superficial way.

Think about it for a moment:

If police brutality can exist and be tolerated for so many years at this level, imagine the other horrible acts of racism that occur in our country: in the workplace, in the judicial system, in the health system, in education .

Reporting racism in the past was unpopular. He refused to talk about it. No one believed you.

Until you put yourself in the shoes of an African American it is impossible to understand the challenges you face in this country, in this world. What it means not to be listened to, to be teased for thinking that racism exists at all levels.

This no longer falls on deaf ears. I am impressed by the wave of solidarity that has emerged throughout America. Made me cry.

In the past I had the honor of fighting for equal pay for all women in the Grand Slams. For this to be better understood, just as sexism is not an issue only “for women”, racism is not an issue only “for blacks”. When we fought and achieved that equality, everyone did their bit: women, men, whites, blacks. And we won.

When the majority groups remain silent, when they choose to sit in the chair of mistrust, they unconsciously justify the oppression of marginalized groups. Those who have power and privileges have an easier time being heard. They must exercise that privilege continuously.

We must win!

We cannot let systematic racism survive.

We have to love each other, help each other, listen to each other and believe each other, even though we can never understand nor can we put ourselves in the shoes of our neighbor. Keep reporting. Keep manifesting yourselves tomorrow, next month, next year, each and every day until there is equality for African Americans.

I am so happy and so relieved that, as an African American, I can finally be heard.

I pray for those who have lost their lives and that all American families can finally wake up and act. #blacklivesmatter “.