Venum presents the new UFC uniforms

Nine months have passed since the UFC announced that Venum would be the new brand that would officially dress the promoter. Since then, the MMA world wondered what uniforms would look like and today we finally know.

This Tuesday the relationship between the UFC and Venum formally began. In fact, all the garments are already available in the official store of the promoter.

From a first glance there seem to be improvements in the designs. Although if we expected that there would be radical changes, or that the garments would recover individuality beyond the names, we were obviously wrong. Venum designs are usually very striking, but being uniforms, everything has been kept quite sober.

This was the official presentation released by the UFC:

Here we leave you a small gallery with some of the new clothes and color combinations.

In addition to the change in uniforms, minor adjustments were also made to compensation for fighters. It’s still nothing spectacular, and the fighters were probably expecting the increase to be more substantial – the increase was basically $ 1,000 in each category. However, any increase in your income is worth noting. The new promotional compensation table was as follows:

The new Venum apparel will be used from this week. The combat uniforms will debut this Saturday and the first fighters to wear them will be Impa Kasanganay and Sasha Palatnikov, who open the preliminary card for UFC Vegas 23.

What did you think of the new uniforms?

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