Venezuelan Blue Jays prospect in Vladimir Guerrero Jr. mode in the Minor Leagues

The Venezuelan prospect of the Toronto Blue Jays, Gabriel Moreno, is on in the minor leagues of MLB, so much so that he has numbers similar to those of Vladimir Guerrero Jr. in the 2021 season of Las Mayores.

Gabriel Moreno, prospect number # 6 of the Blue jays, He is Venezuelan and plays as a receiver, having a very striking presence in the 2021 Minor Leagues, specifically in the Double A subsidiary of the Toronto team, showing impressive gifts and leaving extremely attractive numbers at 21 years of age.

The Venezuelan Brown is having such a good present in the Minor Leagues of the Blue jays that his current numbers are compared with those of Vladimir Guerrero Jr., a player who is being a reference for this organization, but in the MLB.

31 games of the 2021 Double-A campaign have been enough for this Venezuelan prospect who has the Blue jays begin to show that at any time you can be taken into account and make the leap to MLB, being a great bat and a guarantee at home with the mascot, even being one of those promises in catching that the Venezuelan ball currently has.

The New Hampshire Fisher Cats have found in Gabriel Moreno a great production in the Minor Leagues, being among the offensive leaders of the entire Double A category in the current 2021 campaign.

The young Venezuelan of the Blue jays is the leader in RBIs and average in the current Minor League harvest, which is why its figures are compared to those of Guerrero Jr., who commands different departments in the MLB today.

Gabriel Moreno In a total of 112 minor league at-bats this 2021 he has 47 hits, eight homers, 44 RBIs, 47 runs scored and a .385 / .450 / 1.122 offensive line.

With information from Carlos Briceño.

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