Venezuelan Army works on Bitcoin mining

On November 17, Brigade 61 Codazzi reported the inauguration of a Bitcoin mining center. Here we tell you what it is about!

Mining in Venezuela

The inauguration was reported through a video on Instagram where we were able to observe all the details.

Army General Lenin Herrera was in charge of presenting the most recent operation. In addition, he was accompanied by Major General Domingo Hernández Lárez, Commander of the Army.

In addition, representatives of Sunacrip were also present in the video, a key element given that it is in charge of crypto regulation in the country.

What is the OBJETIVE?

In this way, crypto mining equipment has been installed with the aim of strengthening and offering self-sustainability to Army units.

“The era of cryptocurrency production begins in all units of the military component, which will be unblockable income,” General Herrera established.

He assured that the crypto mining center is supported by 26 national laws. In addition to the new anti-blockade law, the support of Sunacrip, and the civic-military alliance.

As General Herrera explained, this crypto mining center represents an alternative source of income that has no borders or restrictions.

Specifically, it was explained: “These mining farms and the mining retrofit line enable production in real time.” And thus, defeating the fiat currency restrictions.

It is not new

The truth is that it is not surprising. Crypto has been used since its inception as alternatives to restrictions.

Let’s keep in mind that Venezuela is one of the countries with the greatest crypto awareness thanks to the need to overcome obstacles.

In addition, the Venezuelan government has developed a series of laws that offer support to this type of initiative.

In fact, as reported in CryptoTrend, the mining of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies was officially legalized. Therefore, anyone who wants to mine must apply for a mining license in the entity.

Likewise, regarding incentives, the institution will provide technical and professional support for the manufacture of mining equipment. Now the question is: Will Venezuela become the next nation to host thousands of mining equipment?

As crypto mining is recognized as an alternative source of income, we could only hope that more Venezuelans will join the activity.

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