The Venezuelan Supreme Court of Justice has ordered the “occupation and immediate restitution” of the pay television service DirecTV after the sudden cessation of its services decided by the US multinational AT&T, which owns it.

The TSJ “also ordered the National Telecommunications Commission (Conatel) to take immediate possession of all movable and immovable property, commercial offices, administrative headquarters, operations and transmission center, antennas and any other equipment or installation intended to provide the service by subscription (…) with the support of the Bolivarian National Armed Force, “explains the judicial body in a press release.

A few days ago, the US multinational AT&T surprisingly stopped DirecTV’s service in Venezuela, alleging the impossibility of simultaneously complying with the United States sanctions against the Government of Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro, and the conditions that it required to continue operating in Venezuela.

The TSJ also prohibits the departure of all board members from the country and the freezing of all their assets and financial assets.

The sanctions imposed by the Donald Trump government prevent the transmission of the Venezuelan television channels Globovisión and PDVSA TV, as they belong to individuals and entities indicated in the sanctions.

The end of DirecTV broadcasts caused a huge stir in Venezuela, where its broadcasts had become years ago one of the last forms of entertainment and information available to a population hit by the economic crisis and hyperinflation, and, more recently, due to the economic effect of the coronavirus.

The end of DirecTV broadcasts has also meant that many Venezuelan households have stopped receiving the signal from public television channels.