Venezuela / Spain.- The new head of mission of the Embassy of Spain delivers his credentials to the Government of Venezuela


The new head of mission of the Embassy of Spain in Venezuela, the charge d’affaires Juan Fernández Trigo, delivered his credentials in Caracas to the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Venezuela, Jorge Arreaza.

The delivery of credentials comes after the Spanish Government announced at the end of October in Parliament that it has decided not to appoint a new ambassador after the replacement of Jesús Silva and to reduce its diplomatic representation in Venezuela to record that the EU and its States members do not consider the 2018 presidential elections, on which the current mandate of Nicolás Maduro is based, “fair or transparent”.

Fernández Trigo handed over his credentials to Arreaza at a ceremony held at the Casa Amarilla Antonio José de Sucre, in Caracas, in which the two officials evaluated the will of their respective governments to “continue the path of diplomacy and dialogue between both nations, “as reported in a statement by the Venezuelan Foreign Ministry.

At the meeting, the Venezuelan head of diplomacy spoke with the Spanish representative about the “current scenario of pressures” facing the country and also addressed “the need to strengthen cooperation, turn pages and move towards a new moment” in the relationship with Spain.

According to the statement from the Venezuelan Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Spanish Chargé d’Affaires expressed the willingness to speak with all the Venezuelan people and to be useful as much as possible to help overcome the difficulties and complications that affect Venezuelans.

“I want to point out that all my acts are going to be presided over by respect, by an attempt to be objective and how could it be otherwise, with absolute respect for the Vienna Convention and diplomatic relations,” Fernández Trigo pointed out.

The Venezuelan Foreign Ministry has stressed that the Government of Caracas has shown “once again” that it is willing to “resort to the Bolivarian Peace Diplomacy to resolve differences with other nations, in addition to always being ready to defend the sovereignty of the Venezuelan people “.

Minutes before the delivery of the credentials of the head of mission of the Embassy of Spain, the Venezuelan Foreign Minister has received the Copies of Style from the ambassadors of Indonesia and Belarus, Imam Edy Mulyono and Andrei Leonidovich Molchan, with whom he has spoken about promoting and designing new formulas that allow maintaining the level of economic, productive, and cultural cooperation that both countries have had with Venezuela over the last few years.