Food will be used to supply the first Iranian supermarket in Venezuela, said the diplomatic delegation.

AP –

CARACAS.- Iran Send to Venezuela a ship loaded with foods almost a month after the arrival of five oil tankers that he sent Tehran In open defiance of Washington, which maintains severe economic sanctions against the Nicolás Maduro government, Iranian diplomatic authorities announced Saturday.

The Golsan ship, which brings a batch of foods, will arrive on Sunday to the South American nation, indicated the Embassy of Iran in Caracas on his Twitter account.

The foods will be used to supply the first Iranian supermarket in Venezuela, the diplomatic delegation specified.

Caracas and Tehran They have maintained a close alliance for more than two decades, which they have consolidated with cooperation agreements in different areas.

Between the end of May and the beginning of June they arrived at Venezuela Iranian tankers Fortune, Forest, Faxon, Petunia and Clavel, who brought 1.5 million barrels of fuel and additives that helped solve part of the severe gasoline shortage that the South American oil nation has been facing since March.

Authorities attributed the lack of fuel to the sanctions imposed since 2019 by the United States on the Venezuelan oil industry to pressure the departure of the Maduro government, but analysts and opponents maintain that the shortage is a consequence of the partial suspension of the refining system due to failures. technical and electrical, the absence of investment and the postponement of maintenance programs.

At the beginning of June he arrived at Venezuela a shipment of humanitarian aid from Iran which included diagnostic test kits and medical supplies to combat the new coronavirus pandemic.