Venezuela pitcher is sent off and Colombia quickly ties with a home run in the ninth

Adrian Almeida, launcher Venezuela, was sent off in the game before Colombia in the Pre-olympic from Baseball in the ninth inning, this after umpires found a foreign substance on his glove. After this, the ninth coffee maker responded with a tremendous homerun in the ninth inning to equalize the match 2-2.

After striking out in his relief, a claim from the manager of Colombia led to the expulsion of the closer from Venezuela, Adrian Almeida In the ninth episode, they allegedly found a “strange” substance in his throwing glove on this second day of Pre-olympic from Baseball.

A single batter could face the closer of Venezuela in view of Colombia, After the expulsion, manager José Alguacil had to call another pitcher from the bullpen, which suffered the consequences after this somewhat embarrassing episode in the Pre-Olympic.

They say that the trap comes out, after the expulsion of the pitcher of Venezuela, Gabriel Moya was the pinch-hitting pitcher in that ninth inning, who didn’t work the bullpen and ultimately received a home run from Jordán Díaz of Colombia to tie at two (2) races this second day of the Pre-olympic from Baseball.

Proudly for the LF, Díaz connected that pitch by the Venezuelan pitcher and got a run with which Colombia is still alive in this second meeting of the contest Pre-olympic bound for Tokyo 2921.

Here’s the home run:

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