09/04/2020 Checking the temperature in the Venezuelan town of Carabobo
(Juan Carlos Hernandez /)

« Perhaps it is the safest thing that Venezuelans are going to do in the rest of the year, » he alleges.


The president of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, has insisted that renewing the National Assembly is an « obligation » and has alleged that strict sanitary protocols will be established for the voting day of December 6: « It is safer than going to buy at the pharmacy or visit a relative. « 

Maduro has ruled out a hypothetical postponement of the elections, questioned both by the internal political opposition, led by Juan Guaidó, and by international powers such as the United States and the European Union. The EU has not agreed to send observers as Caracas had suggested.

The Venezuelan president maintains that there are « mandatory reasons, of constitutional weight », to summon citizens to the polls in less than two months, with a view to renewing a Parliament on January 5 that, except for surprises, will cease to be controlled by the opposition and will pass into the hands of Chavismo.

The vote will also be done with « biosafety protocols, » said Maduro, who has announced that the Armed Forces will be involved in the deployment and hydroalcoholic masks and gels will be distributed. « Perhaps it is the safest thing that Venezuelans are going to do in the remainder of the year, » he said in a televised speech, according to VTV.


Maduro has denied that there is an inconsistency for postponing the return to classes to January and, nevertheless, going ahead with the electoral appointment, ensuring that « putting boys and girls in schools and high schools in these circumstances of the pandemic is counterproductive » .

« It is very different that with all the biosecurity measures protected people go, vote safely and then leave their voting center, » added the president, who recalled that Venezuela will not be the first country to hold elections during the pandemic.

The Venezuelan Government has reported 1,086 new cases of coronavirus this Tuesday, bringing the positives to 62,655 since the start of the pandemic. Of these, 11,792 would be active cases, while 502 people have lost their lives, eight more than in the previous balance.