Venezuela: Maduro blames Guaidó for Trump’s defeat

CARACAS (AP) – Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro said Thursday that US President Donald Trump failed to seek a victory in his foreign policy by betting everything in favor of opposition Juan Guaidó, who was sold as a leader capable of overthrowing him, instead to seek a relationship of respect and cooperation with his socialist government.

Maduro indicated that “the culprit of Donald Trump’s defeat has a first and last name, in Venezuela: His name is Juan Guaidó,” who as president of the National Assembly – controlled by an overwhelming opposition majority – declared himself interim president in 2019 in He challenged Maduro and was recognized by the United States and more than 60 countries when considering that the president won the election in a fraudulent election in 2018.

To Trump “they sold him that Guaidó was the great leader of Venezuela and that he was going to give him the great victory of his international policy and he failed,” Maduro insisted in a televised government act.

The Maduro government, which broke relations with the United States last year, insistently accuses Washington of pushing forward plans to destabilize his government and force its overthrow. The United States has rejected those claims.

Maduro also noted that he received a message from “an important person who writes to me from the United States and says: ‘You are right Maduro,'” but he did not give further details.

Maduro has repeatedly said that he aspires to achieve through dialogue a respectful relationship with the coming government of Joe Biden, despite considering that Democrats and Republicans act in the same way against Venezuela and any other country that is independent of US foreign policy.