Atresplayer Premium’s most acclaimed exclusive series returns with new episodes. Next Sunday, September 20, Atresmedia’s payment platform will premiere the third episode of ‘Veneno’, the successful bet created by Javier Calvo and Javier Ambrossi, inspired by « I say! Ni puta ni santa », the official memoirs of Cristina Ortiz La Veneno written by the journalist Valeria Vegas. The fiction starring Isabel Torres, Daniela Santiago and Jedet returns and does so after achieving the best historical premiere of its broadcast platform in its first chapter and after confirming its success in the second.

Jedet in ‘Veneno’, by Atresplayer Premium

The production arrives and does it to stay and it is that as of September 20, Atresplayer Premium will premiere a weekly episode of it. It should be remembered that last spring the fiction could not be released in full since its filming had to be paralyzed because of the coronavirus pandemic. In this way, viewers could only watch the first and second episodes. In the case of the latter, it was released on June 28, coinciding with LGBTI + Pride day. Now, once the Alarm Status has concluded and after having been able to restart the recordings weeks ago, The series is already facing the end of its filming and can be launched with everything recorded, without any risk of emission.

The jump to theaters

But the thing does not end here and is that in the series that tells the story of Cristina Ortiz La Veneno will also make the leap to the big screen. Atresmedia together with Warner Bros. Pictures Spain has decided to make a great film event on September 17 in which ‘Veneno’ will be the protagonist. Movie theaters all over the Spanish territory will first screen the two episodes of the series that we could already see on television and They will launch the third installment for the first time, which will be released on Atresplayer Premium three days later. In this way, the communication group will try again to create a whole social event around what is undoubtedly one of its most widely acclaimed fictions by critics and the public. It should be noted that the rooms and sessions will be announced soon.

Jedet lands in ‘Venom’

After discovering her beginnings as a prostitute and her jump to the small screen after being discovered on television in the first episode and getting excited with little Joselito in the second, In the third episode we will discover Cristina’s youth and we will do it with Jedet, an actress who is incorporated in this chapter to put himself in the shoes of the protagonist of the fiction with Daniela Santiago and Isabel Torres. Together at three we will find faces like Lola Dueñas, Goya Toledo, Ester Exposito, Paca La Piranha, Sophia Lamar, Mariona Terés, Mercedes León, Elvira Mínguez or Lara Martorell, who are part of the fixed cast of fiction.

‘Venom’ will be seen in the United States

Parallel to its broadcast in Spain, the fiction created by Los Javis for Atresmedia also makes the great international leap. Thanks to an agreement closed weeks ago, HBO Max will be the platform that will be in charge of its broadcast in the United States and Latin America. It should be noted that despite this, Atresplayer Premium, the original platform of this fiction, will continue to have its exclusivity both in Spain and in the rest of the territories in which it is present.