Vendée Globe: Thomson crossed the equator

Alex Thomson (Hugo Boss), the leader of the Vendée Globe, crossed the equator on Wednesday afternoon, but in a slightly worse time than in 2016. Thomas Roût (LinkedOut) and Charlie Dalin (Apivia) follow in the standings .

Alex Thomson is now in the Southern Hemisphere! This Wednesday at 2:19 pm, the Vendée Globe leader crossed the equator 9 days, 23 hours and 59 minutes after leaving Sables d’Olonne. He therefore does not beat his record set four years ago, which was 9 days and 7 hours, but the important thing for the skipper of Hugo Boss is not to be the first at the equator but the first at the Sables-d’Olonne next January … At the 6 p.m. check-in, Thomson, who passed the Doldrums without being too slowed down, was 70 miles ahead of Thomas Roût (LinkedOut) and 97 over Charlie Dalin (Apivia), who doubled Jean Le Cam (Yes we Cam!) during the day. The trio will cross the equator in the next few hours.

Currently ranked 31st and penultimate (ahead of Jérémie Beyou, who left Le Sables Tuesday afternoon), Fabrice Amédéo (Newrest – Art et Fenêtres), gave his news during the afternoon session: ” I want to finish and I will finish it so either I spend this Vendée Globe crying, or I pull myself together and try to see the bright side and that’s what I’m doing. It doesn’t necessarily go as planned, but that’s life! I set myself the goal of coming back to old boats and overtaking them, but I do not set myself deadlines. Once I get past this group of boats which are in adventure mode, the next pack is far away so it seems difficult to me, but the road is long. Eric Bellion in 2016 had a bad descent of the Atlantic and caught up with me afterwards so we’ll see what happens. “

Check-in at 6:00 p.m. (French time) – Wednesday November 18, 2020
1- Alex Thomson (GBR / Hugo Boss *) 21,232.7 miles from the finish
2- Thomas Rouillard (FRA / LinkedOut *) 70.11 miles behind the leader
3- Charlie Dalin (FRA / Apivia *) at 97.24
4- Jean Le Cam (FRA / Yes We Cam!) At 116.16
5- Kevin Escoffier (FRA / PRB *) at 179.21
6- Louis Burton (FRA / Bureau Vallée 2 *) at 191.54
7- Boris Herrmann (ALL / Seaexplorer-Yacht Club de Monaco *) at 224.52
8- Benjamin Dutreux (FRA / OMIA – Water Family) at 228.27
9- Sam Davies (GBR / Initiatives-Cœur *) at 229.68
10- Yannick Bestaven (FRA / Maître CoQ IV *) at 233.71

Nicolas Troussel (FRA / Corum L’Epargne *): dismasting after 7 days of racing

* boat equipped with foils

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