From next Monday (11), the city of São Paulo will have an even more restricted quarantine. The city will increase the vehicle rotation for up to four days a week. The focus is to reduce the movement of people and the opening of businesses. The decree will be printed in the Official Gazette tomorrow (8).

The Mayor of São Paulo, Bruno Covas (PSDB)

Photo: Disclosure / SP City Hall / Estadão Content

Cars with the last odd number on the license plate will not be able to run on odd days. And cars with even end plates on even days. This would apply to the entire capital on all days of the week, including holiday weekends.

The city of São Paulo is the main focus of proliferation of coronavirus in the country. And one of the challenges is to reduce people’s mobility and reduce the contamination curve in the most populous location in Brazil. And part of the solution may be in this even more restrictive rotation.

Initially, the project would place the ban for the hours of 6 am to 10 pm. However, Mayor Bruno Covas confirmed that it will be applied 24 hours a day, prohibiting circulation even at dawn.

This week the Department of Road System Operations (DSV), through the Traffic Engineering Company (CET,) has already begun to restrict movement on the city’s main avenues, closing lanes. This was the first attempt to force people to stay at home due to reduced flow in the roads.

Motorcycles and public transport remain out of rotation

The similarity with the current rotation model is that there are exceptions. Motorcycles, school transport, tow trucks, public transport, essential public service cars, as well as models with special permission – including hybrids and electric vehicles – continue to be exempt from rotation.

Other than that, health workers, even if they are not doctors, will be able to register to stay out of the new rotation. Doctors and nurses are already outside the current restriction system. They should send an email to However, they are now able to run without taking a fine now, as the search for fines will be verified with this register and will be canceled if they have justification for work.

In the current rotation, imposed in the city since 1997, cars do not circulate just one day of the week. From Monday to Friday, two plate endings per day, cannot circulate between 7 am and 10 am and from 5 pm to 8 pm. In addition, heavy vehicles have other time restrictions in the expanded center.

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