The woman prepared meat with chili and a vegan dish for her daughter, however, the minor considered that her family was being « insensitive » and decided to throw all the food in the trash

| 08/09/2020 | ionicons-v5-c08: 27 | Brenda Reza |

The story of a Chilean woman and her vegan daughter went viral after the woman forced her 16-year-old daughter to cook meat, this as punishment after the minor threw away the food of the whole family that her mother had prepared for several days.

In a post shared last week on Reddit, user AmItheAsshole recounted that her daughter has been vegan for about a year and that other family members have tried to support her in her lifestyle.

The mother of this girl said that, after her daughter became vegan, each one that prepares meat for the rest of the family always separates a part that does not contain animal products so that the child can eat without problems.

So, two weeks ago, the woman prepared a large pot of chili con carne and a vegan version of the same dish for her daughter.

However, the next day, the chili con carne had disappeared from the refrigerator because the teenager felt that her relatives were being « too insensitive » to her and because the smell of the meat made her nauseous. As punishment, her mother gave her a shopping list and the recipe for that dish to prepare herself. Although the minor protested, cried and begged not to force her to do it, the woman did not twist her arm.

After the story was released, the majority of Internet users supported the mother’s position and even some vegans censured the action, pointing out that it was wrong to try to force other people to adopt their lifestyle.