Vaquita swimsuit, Alexa Dellanos poses flirtatiously from the pool

Vaquita swimsuit, Alexa Dellanos poses flirtatiously from the pool (INSTAGRAM)

Vaquita swimsuit, Alexa Dellanos poses flirtatiously from the pool | INSTAGRAM

The pretty american model Alexa Dellanos quite enjoys using swimsuits of different colors and prints and today she chose one with a cow print, a very interesting animal print that made her charms show off perfectly in her Instagram photo.

That’s right, it is a very attractive snapshot in which the beautiful daughter of Myrka Dellanos She appeared wearing her perfect figure with black and white colors that managed to capture the glances and hearts of those Internet users who observed her.

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If we look at the photograph we can see that he had an excellent time in the pool as promised and also that she will not disappoint her loyal audience by uploading attractive pieces of entertainment like this one, whenever she has the opportunity as long as she has the time to do so as she has also been very busy with her work for various brands.

It is worth mentioning that the young woman has been looking to grow her social networks more and more but it has been a bit difficult to pass her 3 million followers InstagramHowever, the number is already on the rise and it will probably make it to four very soon.

Alexa dellanos is also looking to grow on other platforms such as TiK ToK where and she has already exceeded her Instagram number with some very nice and cute videos where her beauty is the center of attention, while she makes some of the trends that exist there.


Of course, another section is very liked are her stories because there she brings us a little closer to her personal life, this time she took some videos with one of her friends, who by the way is just as beautiful as her and with her. that managed to capture some of the most interesting images ah and above all ready to be enjoyed by Internet users.

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He was also posting photos and videos of the last walks to take since some of what I also love to do is go for a walk around the city on the beach and even travel to various cities throughout the United States.

We recommend you keep an eye on Show News and not miss any of the excellent content from Alexa Dellanos who will surely continue with the creation of these photos and videos that we all love and that also works to inspire some followers to use and combine their clothes of this so creatively that’s how she does it.