Time definitely has no hold on its beauty and natural charm. For more than thirty years, Vanessa Paradis has been our madness, our fashion whim, finally our divine idyll. It must be said that with her oversized sweatshirt and her bleach jeans in the Joe the Taxi clip, the singer immediately showed the fashionista who was hiding in her. Over the decades, Serge Gainsbourg’s protege asserted her femininity and elegance in both chic and hippie outfits. A pronounced taste for fashion which even earned her the title of muse for the house of Chanel in 1991.

And the love story between Vanessa Paradis and the fashion world is not about to come to an end. With her mischievous look, her teeth of happiness and her hair as blond as wheat, the artist continues to captivate and inspire the greatest women’s magazines. If last summer, she bewitched the readers of Harpers Bazaar Ukraine by posing lasciviously in a one-shoulder one-piece swimsuit, Vanessa Paradis capsized the hearts of Marie-Claire’s French readership.

In a retro and peaceful Deauville, the brand ambassador with the double C illuminated the seaside resort with her natural aura and her incredible sense of style. In front of the beach cabins, where the biggest names in cinema waltz, Vanessa Paradis strolls in mini-shorts and black tweed crop top. An equally elegant and sexy set that reveals its skinny silhouette.

Vanessa Paradis, fashion icon in Chanel

There is no doubt, Vanessa Paradis is the French allure ambassador par excellence. True to its rock look, but just as chic, it pays tribute to her friend Karl Lagerfeld in a total black look signed Chanel. During this photoshoot, Vanessa Paradis flaunts her slender and petite figure under a black tweed mini-shorts, whose iconic gold chain belt marks her slim waist. A high-waisted, slightly puffed bottom, matched with a slightly sexy crop top.

With its wide v-neckline, accentuated by an orthodox-inspired cross, this little top lets you guess the curves of her breasts. In front of the lens of fashion photographer Philip Gay, the actress is wildly sensual. Her shoulder-length hair totally crimped and her smoky eyes, Lily-Rose Depp’s mother is simply captivating.

A fashionable series on glossy paper which was quick to make Internet users react. Between compliments and emojis, each more flattering than the next, they could not resist its charm. Enigmatic, sexy and glamorousr, Vanessa Paradis confirmed her status as a fashion icon with this new fashion shoot.

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