Vanessa Huppenkothen reveals strange condition, that’s how I notice

Vanessa Huppenkothen Reveals Strange Suffering, So I Notice | Instagram

It would be in a recent presentation on internal and external health, where the journalist Vanessa Huppenkothen revealed her condition and that’s how she realized she had it.

The famous, Vanessa Huppenkothen, addressed his current health condition, which is governed by “Hypothyroidism“which at first, leads her to gain and lose weight radically in a matter of days.

Vannesa Huppenkothen Labra, is one of the most recognized personalities in the sports field, after her foray into the popular contest “Nuestra Belleza México 2007” she rose to fame and forged her career as a communicator on national television.

In addition to being a possessor of great beauty, the 36-year-old celebrity is loyal to habits and hobbies related to high-performance physical activities.

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For more than six years, the “journalist” and “Mexican model” has faced a condition that would change her life and that led her to various nutritional, surgical and even psychological challenges, she revealed during her participation in the Smart Forum Well 360.

The “influencer” with more than one million 900 thousand followers on Instagram, and “ESPN host and ESPN Deportes, “shared throughout the event that some of the reasons to which he attributes this condition:

Because of stress, because of dieting, many women after pregnancy thyroid gets out of control, generally, people who suffer from hypothyroidism are women, he mentioned during his presentation.

It was even in 2016, when the “former Mexican model” shared on her Instagram account in 2016 that she had to be hospitalized due to a thyroid shock that led her to almost suffer a heart attack. A rare crisis that is often fatal for those who suffer from it and is due to the lack of treatment for “hypothyroidism.”

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How did you find out I had it?

According to the Sports Center host, she noticed that she was facing a health problem when in 2014, while working as a correspondent in Brazil for the World Cup, she noticed significant weight changes and a sea of ​​hormonal and physical alterations.

I was weighing 56 kilos and in two weeks I gained up to 68 kilos. I said what’s going on I am covering an event, I gained more than 10 kilos in two weeks, stress, lack of sleep and traveling from one city to another was affecting me, I had no idea what was happening to me, he declared.

Upon her return, a series of symptoms alerted her even more so she had to visit a doctor, she commented:

I return to Mexico depressed, very sleepy, I was retaining fluids, my eyes were bulging.

The specialists who are in charge of this type of ailments are endocrinologists, so the famous one of German and Mexican origins, came with one so that he could guide her and maintain her health in all aspects.

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What is hypothyroidism?

It is a condition caused by the low production of thyroid hormone, responsible for controlling the metabolism of the human body.

After the former member of “Matutino Express” and “Se Vale Tv” underwent treatment for two years, she managed to improve her health, something that does not always happen to most people who suffer from it.

Along with this, she also had to adapt to a balanced and vegetarian diet, this kept her even more aware of her physical health and she became very strict with her sports routines in order to find a balance in the metabolism that her thyroid gland no longer allowed. provided.

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Mainly, the most important thing is to be able to identify when this condition occurs and receive treatment for it, which over time could significantly improve and have a better quality of life.

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