Vanessa Bryant reaches an agreement with a company involved in the death of her husband

Vanessa Bryant, Kobe Bryant’s widow, reached an agreement with the helicopter company she had denounced for the accident that took the life of the basketball legend and eight other people in January last year, including her daughter. Gigi, 13 years old. Vanessa reached an agreement with other relatives of the victims with the helicopter company to close this lawsuit for alleged negligence in the terrible accident, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Vanessa Bryant and Kobe© @ vanessabryantVanessa Bryant resolved the pending legal issue with the company involved in the death of her husband and daughter

Terms of the deal are confidential and must be finalized, according to the notice filed Tuesday in federal court. Last February, the investigators of this event assured that the helicopter pilot was disoriented due to the fog and maintained that he did not follow the rules when flying through thick clouds.

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) was in charge of investigating the accident that occurred on January 26, 2020 in Calabasas, California and determined that pilot Ara Zobayan, who also died in the accident, became disoriented while flying through from the fog that day in a mountainous area west of Los Angeles.

The authorities affirmed that Zobayan was thus against the norms of his formation, since when flying between thick clouds and with limited visibility a pilot can come to think that he is going up when in fact he is losing altitude.

Vanessa bryant© @ vanessabryant Kobe Bryan’s widow seeks justice for the tragic accident that took the lives of her relatives in 2020

The aircraft had taken off in the morning from Orange County, southeast of Los Angeles, and was heading to Ventura County, located west of the Californian city, when it finally crashed around 9:45 a.m. in a mountainous area of ​​the city ​​of Calabasas.

Similarly, Vanessa Bryant continues to fight in court with another lawsuit; this time against the Los Angeles County sheriff’s office after photos of the accident were published with their personal mobiles and then shared illegally.

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