Van der Vaart reacts to the ‘little hand’ of Spain

Former Dutch international Rafael Van der Vaart, who harshly criticized the game of the Spanish team in the first two days of the Eurocup, provoking the reaction of several of its players, He pointed out after La Roja’s 5-0 win over Slovakia that his words worked as an encouragement.

“It seems that my words served as motivation for the Spanish team. Good game tonight, congratulations on reaching the crosses,” tweeted the former player of Ajax, Real Madrid, Betis and Tottenham.

Van der Vaart has starred in a controversy in recent days who starts with Spain drawing two games at home, the former player and sports commentator saying that the game of the national team was “horrible” and wishing La Roja as a rival in the second round because their players were unable to provide a goal assist.

Several Spanish footballers, such as Koke or Busquets coming out in a rush against the Dutch reproaching his lack of “respect” and pointing out that it could serve as a “stimulus” to those of Luis Enrique.

Var der Vaart, 38, has had a leading role in the Spanish press before and after the game, but has also crept into the Netherlands’ chronicles after Spain 5-0 to Slovakia.

“The storm in Spain evaporates the criticism of Rafael van der Vaart”, headlines the digital edition of De Telegraaf.

The most widely read newspaper in the Netherlands adds that the words of the former Dutch international seem “to have had an effect on the Spanish team”, which “swept Slovakia in Seville.”

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