It will hit the market for the entire public on June 2.

Valorant / Courtesy

The long-awaited video game VALORANT reported that its beta versions have ended and will finally hit the market for the entire public on June 2.

All this time VALORANT has been a closed beta version, and that is why very few have had the opportunity to play it, but now through its official site it was announced that this beta will conclude to give rise to the official launch of the game.

On the other hand, the VALORANT store will be decommissioned for maintenance and on this aspect, it is necessary to underline that purchases will also be reset, but VALORANT points they will be kept and a 20% bonus will be added, so if there are 1,000, on launch day there will be 1,200.

“We appreciate all those who have played, who have watched, who have broken the game, who made endless streams and who found a title they call home. We are just starting, but we appreciate that they have been from the beginning. Thanks for playing, “the official statement read.

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