Valheim breaks it with more than 3 million copies sold

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Valheim, the Vikings title from Iron Gate Studios, has caused a sensation in recent weeks. The game debuted on Steam in an early access phase in early February and since then its success has not stopped growing.

This has allowed it to have positive reviews and even exceed the historical peak of users of recognized titles such as Rust. We recently learned that the Iron Gate Studios project is a commercial success, as it has already sold more than 2 million copies.

The developer today celebrated a new Valheim sales milestone with her entire community and took the opportunity to thank the players for all their support. It also revealed some interesting statistics about the game.

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Valheim is a bestseller on Steam

Through a publication on Steam, Iron Gate Studios revealed that Valheim has already exceeded 3 million copies sold. This is a great achievement, as the title managed to sell 1 million more copies in a matter of days.

“Valheim has been acquired by more than 3 million brave Vikings who seek to survive the tenth world of Yggdrasil, or die trying, probably crushed by a falling tree,” the study celebrated.

The developer also revealed that the game has received more than 60,000 positive reviews over the last week. Thanks to this Valheim is now in the list of the 250 best-reviewed games of all time on Steam.

The title is at position 78 and it is estimated that it will rise a few more positions in the coming days. Iron Gate Studios boasted that Valheim is the seventh most streamed title on Twitch, so for now it beats CS: GO, Dota 2, Minecraft and Rust.

Because of this, more than 20 million hours of gameplay watched by the community are logged. The development team thanked the players and stated that they are already preparing more news for the title.

“What’s even more incredible is all the great content they’ve sent us. We have seen incredible works of art, we have read great stories and we have listened to impressive music, all inspired by Valheim, and all this in the space of 17 days ”, concluded the study.

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Valheim is available for PC. We recommend you visit this link to know all the news related to the Vikings title.