‘Valeria’ is back: Exclusive preview with Lola (Silma López) and Sergio (Aitor Luna)

‘Valeria’ is back. On August 13 we will meet again with the aspiring writer and her friends in the second season of the Netflix series, again based on the novels by Elísabet Benavent. We bring you an exclusive preview of the new chapters starring Lola, the character of Silma López, and an old acquaintance.

Sergio, the character of Aitor Luna, is still in Lola’s life after they agreed in the last episode of the first season that they could simply dedicate themselves to sex. Nerea (Teresa Riott) is not at all happy to see him, knowing that he is a married man and that he has already hurt his friend in the past.

Problems always find you

The second season of ‘Valeria’ confronts the character of Diana Gómez with the problems from which she has been escaping all summer. Among them what to do with the novel and if it is willing to publish it under a pseudonym. He will once again have Carmen (Paula Malia), Nerea and Lola by his side, “his best love story”.

Plano a Plano is again behind the episodes of the second season of ‘Valeria’, which have Benavent herself as executive producer. The scripts are in charge of Marina Pérez and Montaña Marchena and the episodes have been directed by Inma Torrente and Laura M. Campos. ‘Valeria’ returns to Netflix on August 13.

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